9dBi Antenna Modification on Linksys EA4500 Wireless Router

I have a Linksys EA4500 dual-band wireless N router that has 450 Mbps up and down speed in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. I purchased it it back in 2012.

the newer AC routers coming out in 2016 as a replacement, I figured I would try a mod on this EA4500 model. On eBay there are these extremely long antennas that claim to have 9dBi of gain. They also come in smaller lengths and gain such as 7dBi, 6dBi, 3dBi.

eBay link: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/3-9dBi-RP-SMA-2-4-5-8GHz-WiFi-Antennas-3-U-fl-Cables-for-Mod-Kit-Asus-Router-/272060923777?

Here is the process that I went through:

The screws to disassemble the case are underneath these peg stands.

Disconnected all six of the 2.4/5GHz pigtail connectors.
The original antennas were removed and I drilled holes in these positions with a step drill.
SMA male connectors secured outside of the case with glue.
Antennas installed.
Final product.

My final verdict is that this modification did not benefit in any way. I was expecting possibly a small increase in RSSI % as some others have indicated with swapping to these chinese antennas. However I had the opposite result, and my RSSI dropped from 2-10% on both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.


  1. Getting through this post was pretty interesting. Things are really so easy? Cannot believe that the 9dBi Antenna Modification can be done so easily. Even without taking the help of technical experts, it can be done. Thanks for sharing the post. With your guidance, I think I can do it by my own if sometimes it needed. Thanks a lot Ken.

  2. Problem is the size of antenna, if you went with a smaller dbi antenna you would get better singal at a closer range.

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