iPhone 5s Rear Case Housing Swap (iPhone 6 Mini Mod)

I've been using an iPhone 5s for the past couple of years, and the internet has led me to a particular mod for it...so I bought this kit from eBay (black with black buttons) to try out. It has a nickname called the "iPhone 6 Mini" mod.


OEM iPhone 5s Rear Housing
eBay Rear Housing Kit for iPhone 5s

Bottom: iPhone 5s with front screen removed, Top: Black iPhone 6 Mini empty housing
One hour later..internal components of iPhone 5s removed from the original housing (top)
Another hour later..internal components have been placed in the new black housing
Left: Finished iPhone 6 Mini, Right: iPhone 4s for size comparison
Left: iPhone 6 Mini, Right: iPhone 4s
More photos to show the curvature on the edges

Review: The quality of the case is decent, but the plastic/glass cover for the rear camera produced less sharp images when taking test photos. I believe that it may depend on the seller you buy from on eBay. Not all the mod kits are exactly the same, as I have seen ones that have a rear camera bezel that sticks out, similar to the new iPhone 6/6s feature. It also feels like the phone is lighter, perhaps by a few grams. The buttons work flawlessly, so I have no reason to switch back to the original 5s rear housing anytime soon. I'll be keeping it like this unless the case cracks some how..